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Tree Spraying Apparatus

  Unit Features
Product code   TT402
Tank Material   Polietilen
Tank Capacity lt 400
Pump Model Piston Membrane C71
Pump Flow l/Min (l ney) 71
Pump Pressure Bar 50
Control Board   TT301
Working Width m  
Nozzle Type    
Number of Nozzles Number  
Distance Between Nozzles cm  
Spraying Arm Height Adjustment   Manuel
Spraying Arm Folding Adjustment   Manuel
Required Tractor Power BG 40
Working Cycle dev/dk 540
Weight kg 137
En cm 135
Width cm 70
Height cm 135
Truck Loading Quantity Number 18
Number of Truck Loads Number 30
20 Container Loads Number 16
40 Container Loads Number 32